Treasury Stock Drops 26% Losing $3.1B USD in Market Capitalization

“Why are you persisting with this, why do you keep throwing money at it, why do you keep throwing the best resources that you’ve had … the smartest minds are in this market and all it’s doing is destroying value,” said Michael Errington, Merrill Lynch Analyst during a heated earnings call.

Orin Swift and The Prisoner’s Dave Phinney turns to spirits project for next chapter

After wild success with some of California’s fastest growing brands, Dave Phinney sets his sights on whiskey. Turning Mare Island into a hip destination distillery and sustainable living development for 75k people is the goal.

Suntory buys 10% stake in Macallan Parent Company, Edrington

Japanese spirits giant Suntory is finalizing a 10% stake in Macallan whisky producer Edrington for an undisclosed amount. This deal extends the strategic partnership from the early 1990’s of Suntory’s shareholding in the Macallan brand alongside Edrington and distribution of Edrington key brands in Japan and other key regional markets dating back over the 40Continue reading “Suntory buys 10% stake in Macallan Parent Company, Edrington”