This Animated Map Shows the Brutal Decline in On-Premise Food and Alcohol Sales by State in the Last 2 Weeks | VinePair

Staggering decline in On Premise sales in March.

US Wineries estimated to sustain $400m losses in March due to COVID-19

Will this epidemic topple the domestic wine trade?

With exports a small and shrinking portion of consumption and many restaurants ordered closed through June, how much damage will ensue.

Wine America has surveyed 10% of US wineries on estimated losses sustained by March 19th and projected for the full month

Layoffs of 25% of staff

  • Normal Employment: 11,043
  • March Layoffs: 4,496
  • Normal Annual Visitors: 26,096,279
  • Events Canceled: 4,582
  • Unanticipated Expenses: $840,487
  • Total Sample 1085 wineries (10% of US wineries)
  • Total Financial Loss in March due to Coronavirus: $40,439,764

Further Details on Wine Tariffs hurting consumers and priducers

Reach out to your Legislative Representatives today to encourage them to protect Jobs in the industry, especially with SMEs who are most vulnerable to the effects, protect consumer choice and avoid drastically higher prices for consumers.